What’s in my makeup bag?

I thought I’d write about what’s in my makeup bag – hopefully this can give you some ideas about the best makeup items to have.

I have a mix of makeup items, some from high-end brands such as Urban Decay and Benefit and others from “drugstore” brands like NYX and Collection. Paying more money isn’t necessarily a guarantee of a better quality product, but sometimes it’s worth it – it’s a matter of trial and error!

  1. Foundation – a good foundation is a must to ensure a smooth base and iron out impurities on the face. If you get a foundation with SPF it will help to protect your skin from sun damage, too.
  2. Mascara – I have very pale eyelashes so mascara is essential to define my eyes. It is the one makeup item I couldn’t live without. In the summer I prefer a waterproof option so it doesn’t sweat off my face.
  3. Blusher – I am very pale so to avoid looking ill, I prefer to use a blusher or some sort of cheek stain. I like Benefit’s Benetint but for a more traditional blusher, I go for the Soap & Glory version.
  4. Eyeshadow – I love eyeshadow and I have several palettes ranging from Jolie Beauty’s rainbow Pride palette to Urban Decay’s Naked palettes.
  5. Lipstick – I love wearing dramatic lipstick, preferable red or purple, although I tend to avoid wearing bright eyeshadow and bright lipstick at the same time!
  6. Eyebrow pencil – I’m not a fan of the modern heavily-defined eyebrows look, but I do like to highlight them and tidy them up a bit, so I like an eyebrow pencil to do the job.
  7. Makeup setting spray – an essential in the current pandemic climate, as wearing a mask makes my face sweat and my makeup slide off – not ideal!

What about you – what do you have in your makeup bag?

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