A cosy home for autumn

As the nights begin to draw in and the air cools down, it is the perfect time to turn your home into a cosy and comfortable space. Here are some ways to make your home a welcoming and cosy place to be:

  1. Throws – Get yourself some lovely blankets and throws to wrap around yourself on the couch as you snuggle up reading or watching TV. This check fleece throw from Matalan is lovely.
  2. Candles – Instead of harsh electric light, try some candles to make your home cosy and atmospheric. This pumpkin tealight holder from Next is perfect for the season – just add a tealight.
  3. Cushions – Cushions help to switch up your decor and are also perfect for adding comfort to your couch. This cushion from Dunelm is bright and cheerful.
  4. Artwork – change up your decor with some fresh prints to evoke an autumnal feel. Check out Etsy for a range of autumn prints.
  5. Plants – While trees outside are losing their leaves, it can be nice to bring in some plants to give life to your cosy house. Alternatively, set vases of fresh flowers out so that their bright appearance and smell can bring you cheer. Patch Plants has a great range for all budgets.
  6. Scent – You can use a scented candle to fill your home with a warm and cosy scent. Alternatively, why not try a wax melt? Cosy Aromas has plenty of scents for different occasions. Alternatively, bake some bread or cookies and fill your house with the scent of baking.

Having a cosy and welcoming home can make a huge difference to your mood over the cold and dark winter months. Why not try some of these tips to give your mood a lift and help you get through the dark half of the year?

Comment below with your own tips on making your house warm and cosy!

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