Take a break and train your brain

Hands up, who remembers those Solitaire games in the 1990s that were included with your PC? I used to spend hours on them in between working on my school assignments. There was such a sense of achievement when you completed a game and the cards went dancing across the screen.

My day job involves spending all my time in front of the computer, so in order not to go insane I like to take little breaks every now and then. Sometimes I walk to get a coffee, sometimes I check my phone or do a quick meditation, but at other times I end up searching the Internet for interesting things to look at or to do. One day I was thinking about those old retro games and started wondering if you could play them online. That was how I ended up discovering this site, which is great for taking a refreshing few minutes to rest your brain in a fun and challenging way.

Solitaire.org. It is packed full of loads of different retro and addictive games, including that solitaire we all know and love. Apparently it’s called Klondike Solitaire – who knew?! The site has a simple interface with no fancy bells and whistles, just straightforward gameplay, although the graphics are sharp. A great thing about the site is that all games are published in HTML, so you play them online without having to download anything. There are no ads on the site which is great – no intrusive pop-ups or distracting banners.

solitaire card game
Playing Klondike Solitaire

Despite the site’s name, it doesn’t only offer Solitaire. I particularly enjoy Majong, which involves matching open tiles. There are several variations on this game including a fun Halloween-themed one! All the games have different levels so you can work your way up to keep things challenging. The Halloween game goes up to level 50!

Halloween Mahjong game
Getting into Halloween Majong

There’s also a daily wordsearch and other language-based games

word search
Tackling the daily wordsearch

This is a great site with so much variety. I am keeping it bookmarked to use on my breaks and will be recommending it to all my friends!

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